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We live in a materialistic world today and most of our needs revolve around money. Sometimes, our efforts turn to naught and bring no results despite putting in extra work. Ever wondered why this is happening? It would be a great idea to check the Vaastu of your living space or office premises. This 2000 year old science of VaastuShastra shows that energy imbalances in our surroundings can make or break our destiny.

Finance fundas

For a business of any size, funds and cash flow play a crucial part. Finance is the soul of a business and money is its nerve centre. Raising capital, managing fund flow, support of financial institutions, investor confidence, achieving faster growth is allimportant for achieving success in business. As per Vaastu, any built up space in which you residework from, affects every decision you take, which in turn can make or break the success story.

Early practitioners of Vaastu Shastra were also trained in Artha Shastra. Money , success and your space are all interlinked. A perfect balance of your space can create tremendous harmony and help attract growth and money. Vaastu Shastra, the art of balance through the Five Elements or the Panchttatva, can be put into use for financial gains and success. Even Chanakya, the king maker of the Maurya dynasty used the guidelines of the directions of alchemy from Vaastu Shastra for expansion and monetary gains of the kingdom.

Strong zones

According to MahaVaastu, there are 16 vastu zones in every building and each of these governs different aspects of your life. Similarly, colours too, when applied on the walls of the buildings in different directionszones have a positive or negative effect on your life. For example, Green when applied on the west wall creates an imbalance of the Five Elements.When green plants are placed in the west, you will not get financial gains and the desired results of your efforts.To ensure a healthy financial growth, you must ensure that the west is clean and clutterfree. North is the zone of money and opportunities. Its energy helps you to attract more and more money and generate new opportunities.Therefore, keep this zone clean and clutterfree to get plenty of opportunities and money in your life.

Tips for offices

Avoid placing a pantry kitchen in the north zone of your office. A pantry in this zone will adversely affect cash flow and receivables 

Is your business looking to increase the number of or ders from both new and ex isting customers? Then, avoiding red or pink colour on the walls of the north zone will help in getting new business 

Placing green plants in the north zone of the office brings in new opportunities 

Avoid dumping all the unused and junk materials in the east zone of your office or factory to prevent financial losses. It can also lead to clashes with influential people. 

A toilet in the north-west zone of your office will not allow you to get financial support through loans. 

Placing a pair of white horses in the north northwest zone of your building will ensure financial support from banks and other institutions. 

Tips for your home 

Avoid kitchen, bathroom and sink in the north zone, as it will drain away your wealth and career opportunities 

Also, avoid placing the dustbin, broom, washing machine and mixer-grinder in the north zone to attract more money and opportunities 

Keeps your working desk in the west zone of your house, as this will help you in quick and efficient decision making 

A picture of a village scene in the west south-west Vaastu zone helps in ac quiring property easily and quickly. 

A south-west entrance door will bring in debts, loans and financial problems. 

As per MahaVaastu, place a pair of red horses in the south zone of your home to attract more money 

Locate the safe, work table and your living room in the north zone of your home for continuous flow of money 

Attract more money and wealth in your life by plac ing the idol of Lord Kuber in the north zone Hang a painting of a lush green landscape on the north wall or the north zone of your house to bring in new prospects and opportunities in your life 

In addition to the above, you also need to take care of certain specific Vaastu zones which help to create trust, vision, understanding and bonding between different business partners, thus, supporting your financial vision for growth. Once you have got your office space programmed with the MahaVaastu technique, you get the financial security that you wish for.


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