Thursday, 13 October 2016

Kitchen of your dreams

                                          Kitchen of your dreams


Flexible: Modular kitchens can go with you if you move homes, and be modified to fit into the new kitchen.

Quite simply, modular kitchens are highly adaptable, custom-built kitchens. They consist of separate, pre-made modules, which when fitted together, make up a fully-functioning kitchen. The various units are designed to suit your kitchen space and then installed in it. They follow different layouts — straight, galley (or corridor), L-shaped, U-shaped — and you can choose the one that works best for your home. While a regular cabinet structure is permanent and immovable, modular units can be dismantled and reassembled. This means that they can go with you if you move homes, and be modified to fit into the new kitchen.

Truly customized

A modular kitchen is all about you, and built to match your every whim: your space, usage style, needs, likes, and budget. Every kind of personalisation is possible, from different-sized sink units, tall units to save (horizontal) space, and wall units to save on the floor area used. You also get to design the look and feel of your kitchen to match your taste. This includes choosing shutter finishes, materials for countertops and cabinets, and kitchen accessories. Whether you’re moving into a new home or are looking to renovate an old kitchen, modular kitchens come at prices that are perfect for different budgets.

Deciding on a modular kitchen over a regular one helps minimize the wastage of the three most sacred things in our modern era: space, time and effort.

Space: In most Indian homes, the lack of space can be overwhelming. With modular designs, you can use and access every nook and corner of your kitchen.

Time: The time it takes for a carpenter to deliver the kind of kitchen you have in mind, is many times what it takes to get a pre-manufactured modular one. You’ll have the kitchen up and running in less time.

Effort: The pre-determined designs of modular units have been tried and tested for years. What you see is really what you get, with no unpleasant surprises.

In such setups, modules are thoughtfully designed to maximize convenience and comfort, so everything you need is at your fingertips. Tall units for groceries, 

Bottle racks for spices, plate racks, cutlery drawers, sink units with an inbuilt dustbin — there’s a place for everything. Carousels that roll out when you open the storage unit help you reach far corners with ease. In case of breakage, every unit can be assembled, disassembled, and hence repaired easily. Also, if you want to get something repaired, that part can be taken out separately and sent for repair. 

Modular kitchens are seriously good-looking kitchens. They’re sleek, modern, elegant and easy to maintain. A bevy of pre-designed templates ensure that you get to choose from the latest designs.

Play with deep reds, midnight blues and moss green, or stick with classic teak or mahogany. Choose from a range of textures and colors for your shutters, like solid wood, veneers, lacquered finishes, laminates, acrylic and glass shutters and water-resistant materials. Add your own creative touches. For instance, you can opt for stained glass panes for your crockery cabinets, and jazz them up with LED lights.

While there are many options, granite works best in Indian kitchens. It’s also available in different colors. Select a slab which has raised edges to contain small spills or one with smoothly-rounded corners, which are easy to clean. 

No more pains

The trick to minimizing aches and pains in the kitchen is to use an intelligent storage system. 

* Keep the most frequently used light items within easy reach, preferably at a height between your elbow and shoulder. 

* Heavy jars and containers that you use on a daily-basis are best stored at waist level to avoid having to heft them. 

* Heavy stuff that is not used regularly can be relegated to the bottom on your cupboard. 

* Miscellaneous items that you don’t use much can be stashed away on the top of your cabinets. 

* Stretching to reach for things can cause pulls. So, invest in cabinets and storage areas that come with pull-outs to minimize stretching.


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