Wednesday, 26 October 2016


                          MAKE YOUR HOME DECOR RAIN-FRIENDLY


Maintaining your home in the monsoon can often be a task. But guess what? The rainy season is also the perfect time to add some freshness in the form of bright colors to your home. Keep the blues at bay and check out how to make your home monsoon ready.

Step 1:

Begin with buying a large, thick coir doormat and place it near the main door. If you have more than one balcony, then place these outside each of them. Avoid taking your footwear inside your rooms and restrict them to the entrance. This will help in keeping the dampness and dirt at bay.

Step 2:

With the moisture in the air and closed windows, it is important to keep your home odour-free. Invest in some scented candles and remember to light them for a few hours every day. This will help in keeping the house smelling fragrant and refreshing.

Step 3:

What better way to liven your spirits in the monsoon than with flowers. So let's add some floral elements to the decor as well.Take out your floral cushions and add some vases with fresh flowers.

Step 4:

Bring in some yellow into your home this season! It is a beautiful, happy colour and the perfect contrast to the monsoon mood. Add pastel greens and hints of pinks and blues to the room. Avoid accents of just one color as the weather can be dynamic at times cloudy, sun ny or rainy a varied color palette complements the dynamism.

Step 5:

It is mandatory to change your curtains during the monsoon. Get some white sheer curtains as they allow light to make its way helping the home brighten up.

Step 6:

When it comes to the floors, use throws and put away your carpets, especially if the house is compact. Use floor mats that can be machine washed and dried.

Step 7:

Play with cushions and bright accessories in your living room as well as bedroom. Add some color to your dining table with interesting table mats and table covers.

Step 8:

In the bedroom, add vibrant bed linen, and put some fresh flowers on the bedside table. Avoid using dark colors like red and orange in this cloudy weather.

Create some freshness this season, and have a colorful monsoon.


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