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                           DESIGNING INTERIORS WITH VAASTU

While you are reading this article many people are juggling with the choice of colour applications and placement of interior objects in their homes and workplaces.`Which colour goes where?' `Which is the best place for T.V.?' are the common question asked by people all over the world.

Zones and locations

Vaastu is of immense help in deciding room decor as per zonal locations. For instance, the Earth element is associated with the colour green, and with the eastern zone, that mainly governs social networks and associations.Colour schemes and room functions match. For instance, the kitchen is ideally located in the south-east, and the best colour is red. If it is blue in colour, then this zone will be afflicted, and health and financial problems may arise. Also, if the room location cannot be changed, the wall and floor colours can be.By choosing the suitable colour, the negative effects of an erroneous location can be overcome. There are plenty of Maha Vaastu books and courses that can inform you about which pitfalls to avoid.

Likewise, there are clear ideal zonal placements where utility items, like the washing machine, inverter, the music system, and so on, are best placed. A home can be totally designedplanned, down to its last, Vaastu-friendly detail.Each utility item represents an activity . Vaastu lays down which zone is good for which activity. There are single or multiple locations that have different effects on the user.

Placing utilities

The inverter is helpful in the north-west and will bring in support and help at all times. The television set in the east and east north-east will refresh, entertain and educate the user. The music system in the east north-east will refresh the user. The washing machine and aquarium represent churning, and ought to be in the zone of churning, namely, the east south-east. These will help make the mind peaceful and focused. The computer and work table will bring gains and knowledge in the south-west, west south-west and the west. For the other utility items, find out the best locations. Ask a MahaVaastu expert if you have any doubts about object placements.

The north-east should house the mandir. If there is anything else here, check its suitability, especially since mental clarity is at stake. An important rule is that nothing except the toilet and dustbin, brooms and cleaning materials should be in the south south-west. This is the zone of waste and expenditure. Be careful about this while designing interiors. The cleaning cupboard can be placed here. Also, ensure the southwest, the zone of skills and relationship is decorated in yellowcream or white colours. This is a critical zone in every house, determining good family life, finances and work skills.

Vaastu basics

Vaastu is the science and art of traditional Indian architecture that also deals with ideal placements of rooms, objects, colours and so on. As an interior decorator, your aim is to make the house interiors appealing and attractive to their residents. As a matter of course, the guiding principles of MahaVaastu can help in achieving highly professional results in a short time with maximum efficiency. The basic building blocks of Vaastu are the five elements and the 16 Vaastu zones (cardinal directions and their subdivisions). The ba sic Elements or Panch Tattva are Space, Air, Earth, Water and Fire. North, north-east and north north-east are some of the Vaastu zones: this subdivision scheme applies to all cardinal directions.

Discerning the elements

Each element is directly associated with a particular direction, shape, colour and symbol. These combinations can be in a positive or negative cyclestate, depending on what has been placed with what and where, and give rise to emotions and shape the quality of life. Vastu principles are simple, logical and easy to follow. From this, it follows that in any house, as per Vastu, the function of rooms, the nature of objects, and type of color scheme and shape, decides where these will be most suitable.

You can also look at power and other symbols that can be used to lift the room energy. These are easily available at MahaVaastu. The East zone benefits from a smiling, benevolent sun; the West, from a picture of a temple; the North-East, with a smiling, meditative Buddha; in North you can keep blue or green vase with fresh flowers.Vaastu symbols like, Garuda, Kamadhenu, eagle, lion and the Ashoka Pillar are just a few power symbols that can generate powerful results.Likewise, you can select which symbols will help in which rooms.

To be successful, ingrain the basics of Vaastu. Understand the relationship between the elements and Vaastu zones, and you will have learnt the basics of interior design, decoration and placement. As an interior designer of your home, you possess the ability to change the energy of a residence positively. MahaVaastu has documented over 12,000 cases where each treatment worked.


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