Monday, 24 October 2016

Crystals add resplendence

                                        Crystals add resplendence


These bright accessories are perfect for stylish home decor themes

Decorating your home with crystal is fad these days. A simple crystal piece can offset a living space with its stylish demeanor. Today, crystals are one of the most favored decorative accessories for urban home decor. They add to the elegance of your contemporary home interiors and display your refined sense of style. Whether it is adding an artwork of crystal flowers or figurines to the display case in your living room, or placing a chandelier on the ceiling, crystals never fail to make a glamorous style statement.

Crystal pieces and collectibles are suitable for any type of decor. If you have a liking for small pieces of crystals, then opt for a crystal vase on the centre table or an array of crystal tableware and stemware. Crystal is best seen in miniature sculptures and figurines that can enhance a desktop or display cabinet. There is a wide array of bird, animal and flowers of paradise figurines that create the perfect balance of aristocratic class and contemporary chic.

While planning a crystal collection, decide on which areas you would like enhanced like the living room or dining room. Low tables, coffee and side tables can be given an element of luxury with delicate works of crystal like bowls, boxes and vases. If you wish to add warmth and personalize the space, then crystal photo frames showcasing some of your most favorite moments are ideal.

Candleholders and table clocks are other classic pieces for the home. Have variety in your collection. Exquisite crystal flute or cognac glasses are a must to fine dining to impress guests. A crystal fruit bowl and a set of plates and quarter plates would complete the perfect setting. Consider a crystal photo frame to display a moment in companionship or joy.

You have a large number of designs available in most interiors stores in the city. From table decors to desk accessories, crystals find a chic corner in every elegant room. Office or desk accessories like crystal pen holders and paper weights add a classy look to the work space.

Proper display of crystal particularly of miniatures, figurines and smaller items is necessary. A well-lit display cabinet is a must or else all your beautiful pieces will be lost in the crowd. Depending on the size of the collection, wall mounted or standalone cabinets can be used for display.

If there are just few of them, an open wall shelf, niche or a side table will be perfect to showcase them. Since display and lighting go hand in hand, see that your crystal collection gets the best of light.

Usually, there are inbuilt lights in display cases. To highlight a wall shelf or niche, track lighting or spot lights will be excellent. Wall fixtures too can benefit with this kind of usage wherein the crystals will catch the light and add shine to the decor. One can also hang an oversized crystal drop from the centre of the chandelier and watch it transform the place.

Another easy way to add glamour to your home space is with the help of a crystal chandelier. Thanks to the spectrum in designs and styles available today, even a modest home can afford to introduce a small unit that can be an instant eye-catcher


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