Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Vaastu Fengshui and missing corners

                            Vaastu Fengshui and missing corners 

When a house's energies match our body's energy, it lets us feel comfortable--there's a sense of security and confidence. Very often when we look for a house, we tend to settle in houses that have similar energies. However, this does not necessary mean that the house is good for us. As a study of how living spaces affect ones life, we can be certain that a child's behavior and responses are greatly influenced by its surroundings. 

Our body responds and contains energy or "chi" that is sensitive to our surroundings. Likewise, a building's form, structure and interior layout reflect the energies that it embodies. As we continually interact with our personal space it has a profound influence on the quality of our lives both on a conscious and subconscious level. It is a mirror reflection of who you are and your life circumstances. 

The internal environment that we live in plays an integral part in creating the external aspects of our lives. You regenerate yourself if your internal environment is a place of balance and harmony that nurtures your feelings of inspiration, security and peace. As with our human bodies the healthier the bodies of our buildings are, the more they empower and support us in living a rich, creative, and joyful existence.

When we adapt Feng shui analysis for a space the Feng Shui master does not confine the space to the eight compass directions alone but actually to twenty four directions of the compass dial and the observations of the landform, surroundings and the shape of the plot and the building decides the type of energy in that place.

Each sector of the house has a specific relationship to the occupants and in turn it has been observed that it does affect the health of the person over a period of time. Look at your house in relation to your body: -

• East and Southeast sectors signify energy relating to liver and the four limbs

• South relates to heart, blood circulation and head

• Northeast and Southwest represent Stomach

• West signifies lungs, nose and throat

• Northwest represents the organs as in West sector and in addition it also signifies throat and intestine.

• North, which also represents element Water, signifies kidneys, ears and intestine.

A building with a missing corner in one of the above referred sectors or even a cluttered corner with garbage pollutes the sector of the house and the specific energy and organs over a period of time.

Organizing your space properly and choosing the right property reduces the possibility of having buildings with missing corners and defective sectors.


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