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Decorating houses on limited budgets

                         Decorating houses on limited budgets


People generally think that decorating homes with works of art is a costly exercise. Though it might be true in some cases, it is not so always. It is definitely possible to decorate walls in an eye-catching way with creative ideas and nominal amounts. Budget wall art can give the walls a fashionable look.

There are many ways to glamorize walls with striking artwork and limited budgets. The strategy largely lies in the presentation which can make even an ordinary calendar picture look xclusive. One should not feel boxed in by preconceived ideas. Some ingenious ways of dressing up walls are discussed below.

Printed Paintings

Prints are the universal budget art. There will always be a calendar print of a famous painting that can be put on the wall. A series of prints ofa particular artist can be grouped on a wall. If the print has a traditional theme, then having a fabric matting will give it style and elegance. A collection of souvenir travel postcards can be framed together, and that will inject vibrancy.

Stylish menu cards of restaurants can be displayed in simple frames. That will make guests air their ideas about that, and start an interesting conversation either in the dining room or kitchen. Similarly, maps can be framed and displayed in a study or home office.

Puzzles, Embroidery

Hobbies like puzzles, embroidery, coin or stamp collections can make decorative wall art. While puzzles and embroidered pieces can be framed elegantly with wooden frames,stamps and coins may require a different I kind of presentation.

Stamps can either be framed individually, or hung together in a geometric pattern, or a sheet of stamps could be framed in toto. In both cases, the stamps should be thematically arranged. Coins can also be framed in a similar manner. Things like key chains can be displayed in a customized shadow box with hooks fixed to the rear.

Collections of botanicals like pressed flowers and leaves can be framed after mounting them on handmade paper. Games that have been relegated to the cupboard can be brought out, framed and displayed in the children’s room or in corridors or stairways to give a retro look.

Hobbies like oil or water paintings make stunning artwork. Help and guidance from professional artists should be taken for better presentation. Caricatures are reasonably simple and make interesting display.

Family Photographs

It is best to put photographs offamily vacations as a collage in places like the living room, family room and bed rooms. They should be framed in such a way that they could be updated with recent photographs. Photographs of nature and still life can be framed thematically along a wall in the lobby or verandah. Digital photo art makes it possible to have a photograph in different colour tones, providing an interesting composition. Or you can alter a photograph digitally to give it a different effect.

Tea Pots, Figurines

Collectibles like tea pots or figurines can be displayed as wall hangings with the help of shadow boxes or broad rectangular wooden frames on which the object can be placed without glass or backing. Take out your favourite porcelain bowl plate or brass figurine from cupboards and display them on the walls.

Personal Memorabilia

Certain objects always remain personal favourites like a child’s first dress or shoes. They can be displayed in the bedroom. Favourite posters, trophies, and awards too can be suitably framed and displayed. Old gramophone records that are no longer played can be displayed along with their covers to recreate a bygone era. The matting can be cut to encase the round vinyl record and the square cover to make an interesting presentation. These are ideal birthday resentations for family members.

Wall hangings

Wall hangings of all types can be bought at reasonable prices from markets. Hangings made of terracotta, wrought iron, porcelain, bamboo, and wicker are stylish and affordable. Attractive quilts, regional applique works or carpets can cover the large expanse of a bare wall. Collages could be made with the help of tiles or canvases to create charming wall hangings. Ceramic tiles can be framed to create a pattern or else canvases can be painted and both could be displayed together.

Wall Art

Whatever may be the wall art, when it is presented properly its value multiplies manifold. Even a simple photograph can become the centre of attraction, when displayed suitably. An appropriate location should be allotted for the artwork based on theme, colour and size.

For instance, a picture of colourful fruits will look good in the dining room. Small to medium sized artwork can be displayed as a group. A set of small compositions can be framed together to make one large wall hanging. While framing artwork, innovative ways should be thought over and followed.

Embroidered wall hangings can be framed between two glass sheets bolted together. Present day wood frames are made in straight lines. The carved details in frames are suitable for traditional themes. In the case of frames, clip frames are suitable for 2D pictures. Box frames and shadow boxes can house 3D art.

A box frame can be used for displaying flat objects like photographs to give depth to the artwork. You must choose a suitable matting that will accentuate the colour of the artwork. A simple frame with seashells, sequins, mirror pieces, colourful pasta, or any other eye-catching accessories can be used for decoration. Frames like an old shuttered window can make a strikingly refreshing decor.

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