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Bathrooms are as important as halls and bedrooms. Though we cannot live without them, most people never used to pay any attention to it, and in making it comfortable. But nowadays many closely scrutinize the designing of bathrooms. With some effort the bathroom can be converted into a pleasing, comfortable, luxury zone.

Bathrooms are no longer just an utility. It is the place where we begin our day, and it should be capable of cheering us up, so that the day becomes a pleasant experience. In bathrooms a man shows his real colours, that is he sheds all retences, allows all possible indulgences, and comes out with a worry-free mind. Today master bathrooms have a toilet, bidet, two sinks, a shower, whirlpool or spa and many other things. Smaller bathrooms may just have a shower area or a comer shower stall instead of a tub and shower. Children's bathrooms may have a thing or two less but it should be colourful.

Some people enjoy taking a long shower or staying in the tub relaxing with aroma candles and music. Luxury items that can be incorporated into master baths are exercise equipment, mini refrigerators, saunas and even flat panel televisions mounted on walls or ceilings.

Master bathrooms are now turning into home spas. Decorative fixtures and furniture are becoming a part of the luxuries that are incorporated into bathroom designs nowadays. Stainless steel sinks, medicine chest, bath tub, shower walls, faucets, etc are sought after in modern day bathrooms, and is available in a wide variety of shapes and materials. Fixtures in white, biscuit or bone colours are popular and chrome faucets with soft brass accents have become trendy. But stainless steel still remains the choice for the majority, as it is rust proof and merges well with all colours.

Artistic and aesthetic sinks, vanity areas, vessel sinks and sinks made of hand blown glass represent high fashion. Comer shelf, comer shower, and hanging towel bars have become essentials in contemporary bathrooms. Washbasins made of ceramics or stainless steel are now available in regular rounds, squares or rectangular shapes or in unique artistic shapes.

Steel baths are strong and durable, while acrylic baths are light Steel baths are strong and durable, while acrylic baths are light weight. Bathroom accessories make the bath elegant, and adds an element of fun.

Bathroom lights are available in many colours and shapes. Dim soft lights can be used for mood lighting, 

while bright lights would be useful for applying make-ups. Traditional fixtures are more ornamental and will suite classic, antique, period, colonial, rustic and country bathroom decors. Modem fixtures are slim, sleek, angular and will look better with high tech, modem minimalist bathroom styles. Most traditional bathroom accessories have floral designs, while modem products have geometric or swirl designs.

Sunken bathrooms, roman style or bath tubs with elongated pedestal base, look classic and formal, while a rectangular tub with square tiles or curvy whirlpools is in tune with contemporary bathroom designs. Modern high tech bathrooms have streamlined pedestal sinks with plumbing on display, vessel sink or sinks above countertops, while traditional bathrooms have marble sinks, vanity sink combinations or sinks with pedestals. 

Plain glass and frosted shower doors look Victorian. Oak seats and tanks including antique and tall ones mounted high on the wall make bathrooms look traditional, while modern bathrooms have low profile commodes mounted on the wall. 

If persons with physical disabilities are using the bathrooms they would have to be remodeled. If the bathrooms are located in a high traffic area they should use decorations that are durable and is not easily damaged. 

Bath Accessories 

Stylish, elegant fixtures and bath accessories convert the bathroom into a personal retreat and will also add a creative and fun element to them, and increase comfort levels. The basic requirement is keeping the bathrooms always neat, clean and germ-free, The core accessories that define the look of the bathroom are a mirror, towel holders, shower curtains, holders to keep tissues, shampoo, tooth brushes and paste, soap dishes and lotion dispensers. The bathroom should not look cluttered or crowded. Too many accessories must be avoided. They should give a unique, creative look to the bath space. 

Fresh towels should be neatly kept on a rack so that they are accessible right after the shower. Bathroom accessories also include aroma extracts and essential oils. A spa at home, or a bubble bath in the tub with dried or fresh flower petals will be a great experience. Colour co- ordination with accessories, and towels coloured red, orange or pink and bathrooms with pleasant yellows will be an enchanting experience. 

Magazine racks is a must for people who love to read while using the bathroom. A shower massager can ease the tension before going to bed. If it is not possible to get a fog free shower mirror, fitting an exhaust fan in the bathroom will be useful. Other bathroom accessories are pillar taps, bath panels, floor coverings, bathroom cabinets, shelving, window fittings like blinds and curtains, towel nails, bins and mirrors. 

Floors and Wall Tiles 

To ensure safety, only anti-skid floor tiles must be used in bathrooms. A large range of bathroom wall and floor tiles are now available. Neutral stone tiles can also be used. If the bathroom is small, mirror panels can be used to create an image of spaciousness. Using grout of various colours give an enticing look to the colour of the ceramic tile. If incorporating tubes and Jacuzzi is not affordable, creating a small water body in one of the comers and adding rose petals and floating water candles will be a wonderful spectacle. The wet and dry areas should always be separate. To keep the bathrooms clean it is better to use shower cubicles. 

Colour Scheme 

The role of colour in the bathroom is immense. The colour should be decided according to the tastes of the individual, his emotional state and the feel required in the bathroom. High contrast colour schemes like black and white or white and royal blue, make the bath formal. Low contrast colour combinations like beige and mint green inject a casual look. The towels and decorative pieces should be a shade lighter or darker than the walls. 

The counter tops provide additional workspace in the bathroom. Wood must not be used in bathrooms, as it can be damaged by moisture. It is better to use synthetic material resistant to water and dampness on bathroom counter tops. 

If you want to remodel your bathroom you can start by installing small luxuries like whirlpool tubs, dual shower heads, rain showers etc. A music system can be added later. 

It is absolutely essential to keep the bathroom clean, with ample lighting and good ventilation. By making a few changes the bathroom in your home can be turned into a veritable resort of aesthetics, comfort and functionality.


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