Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Room for meditation

                                          Room for meditation

One may have to ask themselves whether they really need a meditation room in their house or not. Once they have decided to have it, they can then think of how it should be done up. They should remember that it is a place where one wants to relax their mind and soul.

One should make sure that the place they choose as a meditation room is not used for anything else. However, large their house might be, they should choose a quiet or secluded corner where there is adequate space to sit comfortably on the floor or with a cozy chair. Remove all elements of clutter and disorder from it. Nothing should intrude into their time in this spot. There should very definitely not be a telephone here!

It is important to keep the room clean and paint the walls with pastel shades. On the other hand, painting scenery with some drawings of animals or flowers will give an air of peace to the place. Fill the room with things that they find comforting. Some people like to keep the room dark while others like to have natural light. In case, they are thinking of choosing artificial lighting, it would be advisable to use yellow lights. A lot of natural light with fresh air is some people’s taste. It would be good to have a window but not essential. Indoor plants and objects of art can be used. The sound of water flowing or light instrumental music, the aroma of candles etc., promotes tranquility. Walls should be decorated with pleasing pictures.

One should keep the floor clean and have a wooden flooring if possible. Rugs and durries are just right with some floor cushions thrown in. They could be in bright contrasting colours. If one make up their mind to have a quiet time each day, it will help to keep their mind focused and free.

It would be a good idea for them to spend some minutes daily in this room at a pre-determined time. If they are patient, this place will help them to feel de-stressed as soon as they arrive in it.

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