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                                           WOODEN FLOORS

In recent times, picket floors have caught patrons fancy in a very huge means. Inside homes, one will notice them within the master suite, the front room, the area and therefore the kid's room. Among the business institutions, the restaurants, low retailers, and up market stores that are additional in variety have started putting in picket floors currently.

Today, picket floors became additional widespread chiefly thanks to their aesthetics. They give the impression of being terribly lovely and that they conjointly impart a natural feel to your interior. They’re specially suited to households that litter youngsters, who tend to pay lots of your time on the ground. They’re terribly straightforward to keep up. All they need is regular wiping and that they still look sensible for years. Picket floors are terribly straightforward to put in.

An entire High financial gain cluster (HIG) flat may be wrapped in twenty four to forty eight hours, those that have an interest, will lay these picket floors over their existing floors. They need a tongue and might groove the mechanism. Suppose, one does not need to continue with the picket floors, they'll conjointly uninstall them simply. If one is shifting from one house to a different, he/she will take apart of their picket floor together with them, with none harm either to the ground or to the house.

Wooden floors area unit created from individual boards and it conjointly works in step with their advantage. If one a part of the ground gets broken, they solely ought to replace one or 2 boards. Hence, in recently, most brands provide a guaranty of a minimum of ten years. picket floors are of 2 categories: Real picket floors and laminate picket floors.

While the previous, because the nature implies, is created from real wood, laminate floors area unit created from high density fiber boards. the previous area unit dearer and would value something between Rs.200 and 600 per sq.ft. But, they conjointly get broken additional simply and thus need additional careful maintenance. Laminate floors, in contrast are cheap. Their value ranges from Rs.100 to 250 per sq.ft, and area unit additional immune to harm. The great factor is that, nowadays, even the laminate floors look sensible and real as real picket floors.

Dual Width:

Today, individuals get picket floors wherever the planks are accessible in 2 widths. Interior Designers, recommend that they must use the planks with the larger breadth in larger areas and victimization the narrower planks in a very smaller room create a way of house.

Wide Variety:

Wooden floors area unit made up of a good type of woods.


When one installs picket floors, he/she can't be as rough and carefree in their usage, as they'd be with a tile floor. Here, are a number of precautions that they need to observe:When they're effort their house, they ought to} check and must make sure that all the faucets in their home are properly closed. Suppose water leaks out and accumulates on the picket floor for a substantial length of your time, the ground would possibly get broken.

Another disadvantage of picket floors is, that one heel's of his/her shoes would produce lot of noise, even supposing some brands have currently introduced the product that absorb a part of the sound. Finally, picket floors are a class of whose time has return. If one is reconstruction a brand new house, or refurbishing their recent one, they'll think about putting in picket floors. The sheer fantastic thing about picket floors can enliven their home decoration for years to return.

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