Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Sensible Colours

                                            Sensible Colours

If you are using many clolours in one single room, make sure you use a colour at least three times in the same room.

» You could use shades and tints of that colour, e.g. your curtains, pillows and tablecloth can be of the same colour. This gives a look of harmony and help avoid the 'too much' and 'confused' look.

» For filling space, use warm colours like reds, yellows and oranges. They tend to grab the eye and fill the space and are soothing and warm.

» For giving an illusion of more and open space, use cool colours like blues, greens and violets.

» Use vertical stripes on walls and curtains for an illusion of height.

» Light coloured walls and ceilings make the room look larger and more spacious.

» Try to avoid contradicting colours and themes, If you want your room to look larger and need to use cool colours to achieve it, choose a theme which goes with cool colours.

» If same coloured sofa, carpet and other upholstery give a monotonous look, use colourful cushions and wall hangings to break the monotony.

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