Tuesday, 20 December 2016



It is only recently that Glass has emerged as a Viable Option for Decor Purposes. As glass is so fragile, few opt for it except at a subdued or minimal level. Most people underestimate the usefulness of this material in changing the appearance of the interiors if used in the right way. It will not only enhance, but transforms the decor of any place.

There are many forms in which glass may appear as part of a room. That depends on the Texture and Treatment it receives. It can be present as doors, roofs, partitions, floors, as part of a wardrobe, furniture or as artifacts and individual pieces. A plain glass door for a Library would look better with Beveled Edges but when it is used for a partition there are several options. A partition serves the triple purposes of giving privacy, marking off a section as well as being a Decorative, Artistic Piece. Treatments such as Slumping, Multi-layered Etching or Cluster work in the glass make a Stunning Partition.

Depicting flowing water, intricate designs etc., can be embossed on sheets of glass by multi-layered Etching and Cluster work. Another option is shattered glass in which a piece of glass is kept between two others and the centre piece is shattered, rendering a striking effect. This provides a focus for the decor. A Glass Door in the place of Wood can also be Structured to show the Grains of Wood. A Mesh Glass or a Door in which pieces of Slumped Glass are set in an angle can be used for a Pooja Door, thus giving Ventilation and Privacy.

The decor appears lighter and there is at the same time light, Ventilation and Privacy where necessary. Breaking up the wood, finish of a wardrobe with Ornamental Glass gives it Openness and Artistic Taste. A glass partition helps you to close off one section without creating that explicit impression.

A glass wall that reveals the Beauty of Garden is Fresh in its Effect and a Glass Path that leads to the Entrance with Water Having Marine Life Flowing Underneath gives a Splendid Effect. Roofs too can be made of Glass. It can be utilized in an open Skylight Area to provide Ventilation and Structuring of the glass can be done according to it. Having a Tiled Glass Roof is a good idea.

As open bathrooms are much in fashion, glass partitions will lend openness and help in demarcating the area. A glass wash basin next to a dining section will look Sleek and be useful at the same time.

Peppering the furniture with glass decoration relieves the monotony and adds elegance. Novel ideas like, Odd-shaped glass for Coffee and Dining tables, Small glass display pieces etc., would be Artifacts worth displaying. You can even have Glass Sofas or Centerpieces balanced on pieces of glass kept on top of one another or a bar cabinet that appears as a block of melting ice. There is no end to the Imaginative ideas that the Glass can Portray.

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