Sunday, 5 February 2017

Timeless Decor

The world everywhere is gaining a cosmopolitan outlook. An intellectual activity of human beings and their aesthetic outlooks both has got transformed enormously during the present decade. While looking our for the latest and most modern themes, sensible minds yearn after the old and golden styles for incorporating into their home décor. Functionality get mingled with tradition in all the facts if home life, filling in spaces, furnitures, fabrics lighting painting and all aspects.

Look Traditional

Visualise your home in modern décor, and what comes to the mind is an unconventional style. Contemporary styles are all about moving away from traditional designs and incorporating new elements like metal and glass. Even the colour scheme are different from the usual, and is the lighting arrangement. Even the furniture forms an important part of the décor. Rather than wood, they now involve metals and synthetic fibres and are light-weight and sleek in design. Ergonomically designed cushion seats, which provide greater comfort, are the norm when it comes to modern rooms.

If you like your home to exude the traditional character and keep up with the times, then opt for décor elements which can easily blend in within this space.

Here's how you can go about it:

Plan Around A Theme

Planning to decorate your inner spaces around a theme helps you visualise the final setup. If you would rather like a setup. If you would rather like a desert theme you can make your interiors look like a potpourri of colours and textures. From patchwork to mirrors and huge fabric murals on the walls-decorate your home in rich Rajasthani style.

Use of jharokas inside the home will add interest. The furniture can be in metal or wrought-iron and you can have a large Dhokra (metal casting) work of art as the centerpiece. Dhokra is by artisans from chattisgarh. Various metal hangings and Worli art pieces can adorn your inner space.

Colour and Texture

Paint the walls in the mid-tone range. Once you have found the range, work combinations of wall colours which blend into one another in a manner that minimizes distinguishable transition lines. Room changes should be subtle as well. Let colour flow through the home. Generally, use the lighter tones on your walls. Introduce slightly deeper hues in your choice of window covering and upholstery fabric. Deepen the hue ever so slightly again when choosing accessory fabric and floor coverings.


Fabrics should reflect the vibrancy of traditional textures, but shouldn't be coarse and too shiny. Commonly used fabrics are silks, cotton, khadi silk, jute, and satin with faintly detailed patterns all over. Cushions that are embroidered, or decorated with beads and mirrors in fabrics such as tussar silk, khadi silk, satin, and cotton give a luxurious look to the bed and add an ethnic touch. Placing rich luscious rugs on the floor adds softness. Indian decorative rugs, unlike carpets, do not gather dust and can be washed easily. However, if you have marble and decorative tiles which you do not want to cover, then opt for the smaller sizes to add an element of visual interest.


Lighting must be direct and classic. Lamps with plain shades, sconce lighting, and lights to highlight wall murals can be added. Hanging handmade lampshades in thick handloom fabric with thread and mirror embroidery and sequin work form Orissa, will look lovely and colourful, especially at night when the lights throw flecks of multihued light all around.

Accessorising the Traditional Way

Strike a distinguishable balance by using objects in pairs. A pair of brass lamps, a matched set of framed prints, etc. Handmade puppets can be suspended from the walls. Patchwork wall hangings, Madhubani paintings, Batik paintings, Patachitra, miniature paintings will add colour.

Stylish yet minimalist in character defines contemporary interior design trends. Contemporary décor emphasises the need for simplicity, while the traditional theme enhances spaces with warmth and colour. Blend in both these styles to make your living space stylish and comfortable.


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