Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Gardens at Interiors


Green Plants, wherever they grow, are not only visually pleasing and mentally soothing, but also help in unfolding freshness and spreading pure air all the time. These could be brought to the interiors also in the form of miniature gardens. These living corners at home look like miniature

gardens, green jewels or emeralds. Miniature gardens could make for green spots in both outdoor and interior spaces.

In a miniature garden, a group of plants are grown together creating a special landscape. It. is grown in a container that can range from a shallow tray to a rubber lyre. The uniqueness of this garden is that an entire spectrum of plants and blossoms could be had on the table top if required. The choice of plants depends on the theme to be projected. This refreshing concept is normally employed to create Interest within an existing garden, terrace or balcony. All the main features of a garden are present in this novel idea that can ornaments. Miniature gardens are not the same as either of the terrariums or individually different from the other.


A miniature garden looks deceptively simple. In addition to the selection of plants, the most crucial aspect is placing them in the right manner which makes all the difference. If planning to set it on a table or in the centre of a lawn or garden, the viewing angle is 360 degrees. Therefore, the plants should be placed in such a manner that the viewing pleasure is pretty much uniform from any direction. If the location is in a corner or against a wall, the viewing pleasure must be optimized for an excellent frontal view. The below eye level setup must have appropriate landscaping with ground cover getting more prominence. It will be better to make a few rough sketches before deciding on the design. Next the concept of the theme could be decided. A theme will make the selection of plants and accessories easier. Microclimates can be created in this garden by having shady plants growing in the shelter of tall plants. The themes can range from magical to abstract. Creation of stony pathways or grassy mounds could be formed. A herb-filled miniature garden will be lovely for the kitchen's window box.


The bane of the miniature garden can be as exotic or creative as per individual liking, A flat iron or cement tray is a good choice to create a landscape that has more ground cover than foliage. A basket or a big plastic bowl can take in sweeping foliage. A choice of slightly bigger plants needs comparatively bigger stone .sink. For an eye-level view, one of the available cement birdbaths will be a perfect selection. Odd and unusual receptacles which are easy to move around could be thought of. An iron bucket, a wheelbarrow, or any such garden relic that has been discarded to the comers can be reclaimed for this purpose. The base must be filled with a mixture that is usually used for potted plants.


Selection of plants for a miniature garden is an extremely difficult preposition than for the usual garden. Plants can either make or mar this kind of garden. As with any garden, some plants arc chosen for ground cover, some for foliage and some for colour. The miniature variety is hard to find. From what is commonly available, green moss, clovers, miniature variety of ixora, ferns like maiden hair and birds next, and certain succulents like agave stricta nana and crassula or the jade necklace are suitable. Foliage is taken care of by having baby's tears, kennilworth or thyme. Ground cover can be laid with moss, ivy, wheat germ grass or corsican mint depending on the topography. Blooms like Pratia bring in colour.


After the designing part is done and selection of plants is over, it is time to lake stock of accessories for visual appeal. But nothing has to be unnecessarily filled in a miniature garden. Pebbles, seashells, and geodes are good to create a pleasant ambience.

Unusually shaped rocks can be covered with ivy. Cocktail umbrellas and satay sticks are also useful. One good source for accessories is aquarium shops where miniature bridges, figurines and animal figures are available. An old doll house, castle or any such whimsical accessory will be nice to create a fairyland theme. A trellis can be fashioned with a gutter cover and a pergola can be fashioned out of suitably shaped stone slivers.

After the creation of the miniature garden which has demanded all the efforts and creativity, it has to be looked after well by regular watering and pruning whenever needed.

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