Thursday, 19 January 2017

Your space, as you like it!

Handpicking products, offering exclusivity, making room for customization - a number of players in the home decor market are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that you get your home done, the way you want it.

For those setting up their homes, the approaches to interiors are varied. Each of these approaches works towards easing the process of curating looks for a home that is unique and customisable, all the while being representative of the homeowner's personality.

Technology has played a huge role in easing the once complicated processes of mood boards and selection of elements. Three-dimensional renders of possible interior options give customers a better idea of what to expect. In fact, with choices being made available at the click of a button (online), just about everything you need is now simpler to get. That being said, there is a still a good demand for customized creations for homes that can be created or curated from scratch for a completely unique home.

There are several service providers in the market that work on this. Radeesh Shetty, founder of The Purple Turtles Lighting Ideas Pvt Ltd (they create customised lighting solutions), attributes the increased demand to customers being well-travelled and knowledgeable. "Thanks to the Internet, the world truly has become small and people can access and see things happening almost in real-time. Owing to this phenomenon, people are spending a lot more time designing their space, and more specifically, furniture and furnishings to their taste and liking," he says.

Catering to evolved tastes

"Quality and something beautiful are what people are looking for, for their homes," reckons Venkatram Reddy, co-owner of BasavaAmbara, a boutique in Basavanagudi that occupies the outhouse of the beautiful heritage home of the Mahadevans. Indian art and artefacts in various forms and media such as stone, wood and metal collected over the years by Venkatram adorn the store with their distinctive beauty and are made available to the discerning consumer.

"Today, customers are exposed to fine things from all over the world; so even in a contemporary setting, they want a piece of heritage that has history," he says, while ensuring that he picks and chooses pieces that are of quality and not simply because they are old. The connoisseur prices are well justified by the history each piece has, their age and the craftsmanship involved.

Knowledge is power

"Information on the latest trends on the international circuit empowers consumers to look out for the best piece of furniture for their personal spaces, available at realistic prices, says Sunil Kumar, MD, Cherry Pick (a furnishing store that offers international furnishing brands such as blinds from Hunter Douglas, mattresses from Simmons, carpets from Pierre Cardin and sofas from IMG in Norway, among other products).

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