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Due to the ill efforts of pollution and other related issues, temperatures are soaring above normal in some parts of the world and on account of this, the need for air conditions are felt by many. The increased usage of air conditioners across the world has resulted in the increased consumption of electricity. 

If you wish to reduce your electricity consumption or protect the environment in your own small way, there are enough ways to cool your home without having to use an air conditioner. These methods are not new, and have been in use during earlier generations when our fore fathers did not have electricity or air conditioners to support them. 

If you are in process of building your home and are looking to methods to reduce air conditioner usage, insulation of walls and ceilings is a good option that can reduce heat during summers as well as cold during winters. This reduces the usage of room heaters also. 

Cross ventilation is a wonderful concept, whereby no equipments are used. The concept is simple, as it used the follow of air to create a cooling effect, without holding the air so that it does not become stagnant and increase temperature. The ventilation points, like windows, are place so that they are in opposite directions, and wind flowing from one direction to the other, pass through the room but exists immediately, thus cooling the room. 

Another effective method of reducing internal heat is by installing sun films on your glass windows. This reduces the Temperature inside by at-least 3 to 4 degrees. Creating a garden and maintaining it is a great controller of heat. Trees and shrubs help to cool the environment and hence lawns are great idea, especially if you are in a single home or condominium. Curtains, drapers or blinds can also reduce interior temperature, especially if you keep them closed during the afternoons. Household in equatorial regions also use the technique whereby water holding materials like soil are used as insulation of the roof, and water is poured over it during the evenings. This helps in decreasing the interior temperature as the roof tends to stay cool. 

Using fans are the most convenient way to cool your homes. Though fans also require electricity for its functioning, the consumption of electricity is far less than that of air conditioner. These fans could be ceiling fans, portable fans, table fans or even pedestal fans. Fixing of these fans in the room as well as on the attic can help in reduction of temperature. 

Swamp coolers are an inexpensive way of cooling your home, as they use very less electricity, but more water. One another way that is used in some other parts of the world is by painting the roof with reflecting pain, which reflects the sunlight, thereby not observing any heat on to the roof. This helps in reducing the temperature inside the house. 

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